Linking Through Lenses

Twenty-plus years after the end of the conflict in Kosovo, Albanians and Serbs live and work segregated, with few opportunities to rebuild damaged relations. However, current opportunities of the digital age, where people communicate with each other through social networks and platforms give us a different way of thinking about one another and interacting with one another. 

This is the entry point for Linking Through Lenses (LTL), a program using a people-to-people approach to: 

  • Expand opportunities for young people to engage in constructive and alternative activities in pursuit of common interests, and 
  • Develop sustainable relationships and joint activities that contribute to mutual gain.  
Influencers workshop

LTL enables visual influencers (YouTubers, Instagramers, TikTokers) to shape the sentiments of youth in Kosovo, bring communities together, and generate new practices or perspectives of communication and dialogue. They will get engaged in designing impact and creating and sustaining dialogue and cooperation among communities on a virtual and direct approach.  

Finally, visual influencers will design new and innovative content, utilizing their social media presence, together with a deep understanding of the community to promote and normalization of relations, and positive stories on Kosovo communities’ interactions that effectively push against negative and toxic narratives.  

In order to create influential content of the very best quality, our influencers are getting support from these amazing mentors.

Meet LTL mentors


A brief description.

  • Mateja Simić
    Mateja Simić

    He graduated from the Gymnasium in Mitrovica and enrolled at the Faculty in Belgrade (ITS). During the third and fourth grade of high school, he read many books on psychology and business, and started with small clients, doing radio marketing on social networks. In June, in the first year of college, he had 6 out of 8 passed exams when he decided to drop out, in order to dedicate himself to work. Today, he is the director of digital marketing for an agency in Dubai, where within the agency they have an internal project related to the platform for the MENA marketing. The platform will start operating around September and the projected revenue is one million dollars for the first 3 months. He is also a consultant at the W3 Lab digital agency where he has been since the beginning. Co founder and former CMO of Brandly: a platform that allows you to quickly, easily and without cost start online sales of your branded products, primarily clothing.

  • Valon Canhasi
    Valon Canhasi

    He is CEO of Hallakate. He first started Hallakate as an idea to solve the problem of “SEARCH” in Kosovo, where only local results would appear (something like Google Kosova)...but he quickly learned that the user behavior in Kosovo has actually changed. Today, most of the users go online to discover content rather than search for it. Taken in consideration that this behavior is developed massively, he decided to transform into a Social Media Agency specialized in services for businesses and individuals regarding their online presence.