#LTLKosovo – Change Initiative

In late 2020, New Social Initiative (NSI) launched the Linking Through Lenses – #LTLKosovo, a programme that aims to strengthen the influence and reach of credible dialogue-oriented voices, and eventually contribute to a change in attitudes towards multiculturalism among youth in Kosovo. 

The programme engaged a group of influencers active on social media to reshape polarizing narratives and focus on positive stories of inter-ethnic relations among communities in Kosovo.   

Following up on a successful campaign that challenged omnipresent negative narratives and promoted positive messages related to interactions among Kosovo communities – the #LTLKosovo Change Initiative continues to work with the group of influencers that will feature and support initiatives that provide solutions for local community issues. 

#LTLKosovo Change Initiative activities will focus on addressing community issues and finding solutions while the public communication campaign aims to complement the programmatic activities by providing visibility and recognition.  

What you can expect from the #LTLKosovo Change Initiative:  

  1. Community MeetUps – at 7 different locations in Kosovo will provide a space for the exchange of views and experiences and identification of problems in local communities and provide information on how LTL Challenges could provide support for its solutions; 
  1. LTL Challenges – Calls for proposals that will solicit creative ideas from community groups – best ideas will get financial support for implementation; 
  1. LTL Local Initiatives – Programme provides technical and material support for the implementation of the 15 local initiatives.  
  1. A new media platform that enables quicker and more comprehensive access to the media that report in the Serbian language in Kosovo to the media outlets and agencies in Pristina, Belgrade, and to the local readership. 

This 20-month long project under the #LTLKosovo programme is powered by New Social Initiative with the support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) through the Swiss Embassy in Kosovo and Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF)