Via Ferrata Adventure!

Two days full of adventures…

Almost A Little Bit of Everything

“Almost A Little Bit of Everything” is the first thing you will see as soon as you visit the blog of our influencer Pranvera Selimi

Better to live in a village or city …

Milica Stojanovic Kostic in her video showed us whether it is better to live in a village or town.

Life on both sides of the Ibar River …

Our influencer Sanel Mehmedi decided to explore North and South Mitrovica…

Sharing love

Influencerët e LTL  Nora dhe Pajtim Smolica festuan vitin e ri me qytetarët tanë të moshuar …

Marija in the beautiful Prizren

Together with our influencer Marija Orovic .. we went to visit the beautiful, multicultural city of Prizren

Mrika’s path of success

For some people there are no boundaries, Mrika Nikqi is a real example!

Cooking with our influencers – Second LTL video

We are sending you to Shenaj’s kitchen, where she has a very special guest, Ivana Pavlović.

LTL video campaign – First video release

After two successful challenges, video campaign is finally coming with different stories and beautiful recordings from LTL influencers.