You have 5 more days to share your drawings

The deadline for applications and your drawings has been extended to September 25th!

Given the interest and number of people who participated in the second LTL challenge, we decided to extend the deadline for publishing your drawings! The deadline for submitting drawings will be September 25.

Don’t forget, draw/paint something that represents positive interethnic relations. The LTL team and influencers will select the best drawings and reward them with:

  1. Electric scooter,
  2. Smart watch,
  3. Light ring.

Take photos of your drawings, publish it, tag @ltlkosovo, @maxytravelette (SRB) or @praselimi (ALB) and @nsimitrovica. Use #ltlkosovo in the description. Of course, it is important that you follow all three profiles in order to participate.

It is important that your profile is not private, so that we do not miss the post.